Thursday, March 19, 2009


During the next decade, India will have the following missions:
1. Agriculture and Food processing: Increase the productivity into 3.4 times and concentrate on Food processing and marketing.
2. Infrastructure: Apart from rural and urban infrastructure, one hundred million homes have to be built with energy efficient and water efficient systems.
3. Automobile: The export has to be 50% of our output
4. Ship Building: High Dead weight ships have to be built in the country.
5. Information and Communication technology: We have to keep pace with the growth inspite of global recession by applying ICT for India.
6. Pharma: India must account for atleast 25% of generic drug produced worldover.
7. Aerospace: 70 seater passenger jet aircraft has to be designed and developed involving 20 billion dollars of market
8. Rail-vision: Railway length has to be increased, metros have to come for faster transportation and multi-level station systems have to become operational to reduce city crowding, average speed of the train has to be doubled.
9. Energy Independence: By 2030, we should attain energy independence through renewable energy sources such as solar and wind; nuclear and bio-fuels for transportation.

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