Monday, January 19, 2009


I would like to describe my experience on KUMAR in Siachen Glacier on 2 April 2004, when I visited the highest post held by the Indian Army. The post is located at 17,000 feet altitude. At that time, it was snowing and the temperature was minus 35 degree centigrade with heavy winds. When I reached the field station, three soldiers - Naik from Karnataka, Williams from West Bengal and Salim from Uttar Pradesh - shook hands with me. As soon as they shook their hands with me, it became Agni that transformed into warmth and penetrated into me. This warmth gave me the confidence that our nation is safe in the hands of the soldiers defending in the difficult environment and terrain at the highest altitude with will power. Extraordinary leadership qualities are required to generate this warmth among the troops in the freezing cold conditions.

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