Thursday, April 9, 2009


In giving, you receive happiness.
Almighty will bless all your actions

I am indeed delighted to address and interact with the students and faculty of Sree Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur. My greetings to the Principal, Faculty Members, Students and distinguished guests. I congratulate Siddaganga Math for starting a engineering and technology institution for empowering the youth of this region. When I am in the midst of engineering students and faculty members, I would like to talk on the topic “Engineering Education Empowers”.

What can an engineering institution do to empower the country during this economic recession?

Friends, the topic all over the world is on the gloomy projections on the economic recession plaguing the world. My discussion with specialists suggest that the inherent resilience in our country for this global problem is relatively good; however the growth rates can dip. I am wondering whether some innovative and out of box ideas can help us to over come this issue.

I would like to give a suggestion for the students and staff of Sree Siddaganga Institute of Technology. You have been doing remarkable work in some social causes, while pursuing the goals set for academic excellence. Can you do a survey of about 10 villages surrounding Tumkur, through ten different teams of students with muti disciplines and with teacher guides for assessing some innovative products which can catalyse the core competence of these surroundings and be of useful to the community and/or export. After the survey, you can come up with realisation plan in conjuction with some small scale industries and with your engneering talent. If you can target few products in a time bound manner, you may not only open up entreprenureship, serve the society but also pave the way exports and outsourcing in the rural environment. You could become a role model for many engineering colleges.

With this background, let me first present my experience of learning system design, system integration and system management while I was a student.

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