Monday, April 13, 2009


1) In your opinion, what is the significance of vote? and what do you suggest to the voters in view of the Forthcoming elections ?
Ans: Vote is the privilege and responsibility of a citizen in a democracy, particularly now, when large number of youth have been included in the voter list. It is a tool of people’s power. The voters should exercise their franchise with discretion, so that the nation gets the right type of people’s representatives to serve and govern the nation and provide growth and prosperity to the citizens.

2) How do you describe an ideal candidate or the right candidate and do you think political parties fielding right candidates in elections?
Ans: Ideal candidate is one who considers nation is above himself/herself and his party. “Work with integrity and succeed with integrity” must be the motto. Political parties should field such candidates for election who have concern for the national development and passion to implement national development programmes.

3) What could be done to eliminate candidates with criminal track record as well as increasing influence of money and muscle power?
Ans: As per the representation of people (Amendment) Bill 2006, a person against whom a court of competent jurisdiction has framed charges for commission of an offence or offences, punishable with imprisonment for tenure of 7 years or more, such person shall be deemed to be disqualified for six years for contesting election from the date of framing of charges. This is definitely an improvement from the past. It is for the voter to be aware of all the conduct and characteristics of the candidate contesting for the election. They should be judicious in the selection of the right candidate. In this respect, not voting is a great injustice to the nation.

4) Do you support Dynastic politics? if so why so? if not why not?
Ans: In a democracy, people’s power is mighty and right choice is the responsibility of the voter. Right type of person who will deliver justice and development of the constituency should be the selection criteria and voting. Our aim is to become a developed nation by 2020. We have many challenges to meet this. We have to concentrate on development and politics oriented to development is crucial.

5) Who is your ideal Political leader ? Did you ever feel tempted to join politics ?
Ans: I have not been inspired so far in politics by anyone. I am very much influenced by my Primary School teacher Shri Sivasubramania Iyer and in professional career by Dr. Vikram Sarabhai and Dr. Satish Dhawan.

6) Do you agree with the contention that India is progressing?
Ans: There is no doubt about the growth of India. After the 1991, economic liberalization, India has progressed in agriculture, Pharma, industry, ICT, automobile, road transportation, air-transportation, healthcare and higher education. Definitely I can see the growth. But what is needed today, is the rural development through PURA (Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas) should be the focus.

7) How do you feel when people confine you to one Community? What kind of politics should be encouraged to make people rise above caste and creed and identify themselves with the nation ?
Ans. Ignorance, ignorance and ignorance.

8) You have been inviting the youth to join politics. What kind of reforms do you suggest to attract youngsters towards politics and to make them choose politics as a serious career option ?
Ans. So far I have met over 5 million youth. I have asked in every forum, how many people will join politics? The number is slowly increasing. I would like to give typical answers: Jalandhar girl said – her main aim in joining politics is to remove corruption from all levels. At Shimoga a boy said, I will enter into politics to remove castism in the country. Lucknow girl said, I will promote the vision of the nation and transform vision into missions and projects for time bound development of the nation.

9) The educational qualifications of a majority of public representatives remain pitiably low. Do you feel that some educational qualification should be prescribed for MLAs and MPs?
Ans. It is not true. Number of graduates/postgraduate and PhDs in the different Lok Sabha from independence till now is constantly increasing. Nation is working towards higher and higher levels of literacy. When the country realizes, high percentage of literacy, we will definitely have more qualified legislature and parliamentarians.

10) Though members of weaker sections like SCs and STs are getting elected on the basis of quota system, the real power continues to be concentrated in the hands of the upper classes. What should be done to ensure that the weaker sections are really empowered? You know that the situation at the level of local bodies remains even more pathetic. Though women get elected to the seats under quota system it is their husbands or brothers that really run the show? Suggest something on that.
Ans. Education, Education, Education and empowerment through the training to understand their rights.

11) Do you ever feel disturbed by the rise of corruption in public life? how can we eliminate corruption from the system?
Ans. Every right thinking citizen is disturbed. Whenever I meet children, this is one of their serious anxiety. Adichunchanagiri story.

12) Tell us an instance where you felt that the politicians have terribly let down the nation ?
Ans. If the money allotted for rural development, if it does not reach the people, it is injustice. Political leaders and the administration have to ensure that money reaches. If the water bodies are not periodically de-silted and connected and water shortage in the village, it is injustice to the rural population. If pendency of the court cases are constantly increasing without solution then it is injustice. If illiteracy in the country is not removed within a prescribed time for both male and female, then it is injustice. If the opportunity for earning capacity is not generated for the youth of the nation, then it is a injustice. If the people vote by getting money, it is injustice to themselves and the nation.

13) Do you feel the Election Commission should have more powers? What punitive powers should the Commission possess?
Ans. It will be better to have a more transparent system of selection of Election Commissioners and Chief Elections Commissioner as is being done in the case of Central Vigilance Commissioner and the Vigilance Commissioners

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