Monday, February 16, 2015

Dynamic school

The children are our power...provide them with a spark they will ignite......The spark giving medium is the school and the teachers in it.Here are some points given how a dynamic school should be.....

1. A school that radiates greatness by the teaching capacity of the teachers. 

2. A school is great because creativity is bubbling everywhere. 

3. A school is great, because it cherishes the learning environment with library and with good books, internet, e-learning and creative laboratories.

4. A School is great, because it creates and generate students with confidence that "I can do it" that in-turn will generate the team spirit that "We will do it" and "Indian schools at Bahrain will do it". 

5. A School that promotes best in learning all-round to all the students.

6. A School is great because it has teachers who lead a unique way of life with purity and become role models for the students and develop them as enlightened citizens. 

7. A School is great because it has the capacity to teach all students to succeed. 

8. A School that generates creativity among all students irrespective of whether they belong to arts or science stream.

9. A school is great, that generates alumni who cherish that they belong to this school. 

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