Sunday, February 8, 2015

Evolution of Creative Leadership

In a recent speech in Bahrain Dr.Kalam said ,

a. Leader must have a vision. 
b. Leader must have passion to realize the vision. 
c. Leader must be able to travel into an unexplored path. 
d. Leader must know how to manage a success and failure. 
e. Leader must have courage to take decisions. 
f. Leader should have nobility in management.
g. Leader should be transparent in every action. 
h. Leader becomes the master of the problem, defeats the problem and succeeds.
j. Leader must work with integrity and succeed with integrity. 

And he has followed these. He also added that one Youth from India told, 

Our address (human beings) in our passports :- Earth
"The moment man lands on Mars, our passports we will be united by 'Earth' in the address of our passports... Now we have the age, energy, and opportunity. Lets strive to make food, peace and science accessible to every fellow youth. We can then sleep in peace."

This was quiet interesting and my eagerness went higher.

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