Thursday, October 2, 2008


On a recent survey conducted it was found out that Dr.A.P.J.ABDUL KALAM was the icon of today’s youth.Kalam was loved because of his simplicity.

A larger section of the youth choose their "icons" based on the character of the person and not blindly as, perhaps, an older generation did.

When asked, most of them, college students and young professionals alike, said that President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was their favourite icon. They looked up to him because of his simplicity. Rohan, a college student, said: "Despite being the first citizen of the country, he is more humble than many other citizens."

Not too far behind Dr. Kalam is former South African President Nelson Mandela. People chose him as their idol for his selfless fight against racial discrimination. Pooja, a student, admires him because "he moves with the times and sensitises the world through media."

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I too hold Kalam at my heart.
I want to get molded like him.
I want to succeed like him.
I want to conquer men through love like him.

- Thank you very much