Friday, October 3, 2008


Former Indian president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam launched the initiative to formalize education for street children. Kalam, who is known to have a soft corner for children, conferred awards to child performers and inspired the little hearts of 750 street children to work hard and "reach for the stars". He also reasserted the need for educating children - as they were the key to a truly developed nation.

"The children can not be branded as street children any longer. This programme instigates hope for less fortunate children. Knowledge brings with it the ability to imagine, which in turn brings in new thoughts. The circle continues when these new thoughts provoke new ideas and knowledge and that is what leads to a great nation," Kalam maintained.

The former president, who has also authored thought provoking books like 'Ignited Minds' and 'Wings of Fire', in his classic story-telling manner enchanted his young audience with an anecdote on Nobel laureate Mario Capecchi, who although a street child, evolved into a brilliant scientist and transformed the foundation of gene mutation.

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