Saturday, October 11, 2008


This happened when Dr.A.P.J.A.KALAM visited Madurai last week.Actualy the arrival time of his fight was scheduled at 3.25 pm.He came in paramount airways.But the flight came ahead 25 minutes of its scheduled time.The collector ,MLA ,big persons planned to come at arround 3.15 pm for receiving our former president. Because of the early arrival there was no one to receive him or to give any protection.He saw around the airport.There was no one to receive him.So,casually he started to walk out of the air port to the guest room.Actually there is a seperate passage for the VIP's,but he did not take that way.He took the passengers way out.While moving out, the people saw him and got excited that such a great personality coming in a passenger's way showing his simpilicity.They got autographs from him.By this time the security force came for prottection and the passengers were cleared from that area.then he proceeded for the ceremony.
such a great person -such a great simplicity.

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