Monday, December 15, 2008


In a speech in the assembly to the MLA's in bangalore he said that problems are temproary only,so we must try to remove it and suceed.When I see you all, I would like to recall my experience in Karnataka. My theatre of action started in this land. I would like to share few experiences that will be relevant to all of you today. First and foremost experience was my assignment in ADE High grounds, Bangalore where I was designing, developing and flying a Hovercraft. I used to fly the Hovercraft. This is the place where I had the fortune of coming into contact with Prof. Satish Dhawan, who was then a professor in Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, popularly known as TATA institute, celebrating its centenary this week. Prof. Satish Dhawan taught me how to design the contra rotating propeller for the hovercraft. The big message he gave me was, “Kalam, if you don’t do anything, no problem. If you do a complex mission or task, problems are bound to occur. Problem shouldn’t become your captain; you should become the captain of the problem, defeat the problem and succeed.” This message I got during the 1950’s. Even now, when I have completed 77 orbits around the sun, this great advice has remained the beacon light for all my actions. Why I am saying this to you, dear Hon’ble members? First and foremost you have succeeded in getting elected . I congratulate you on your election. The citizens of your constituency have reposed faith in your leadership qualities. You will be handling hundreds of problems everyday. You should defeat the problems and succeed with integrity. I am sure, you will do it and win hearts.

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