Monday, December 22, 2008


During the year 2003, when he was visiting one of the Indian states, Arunachal Pradesh, he visited a Buddhist monastery at Tawang 3500 m. altitude. he was in the Monastery nearly for a day. he observed a unique situation in all the nearby villages, where young and experienced radiating happiness in spite of severe winter environment. Then, he visited the 400 year old Tawang monastery and there he saw monks of all age groups in a state of serenity. he was asking himself what is the unique feature of Tawang and surrounding villages which makes people and monks to be at peace with themselves. When the time came, he asked the Chief Monk, how in Tawang villages and monastery, he said "I am experiencing peace and happiness being radiated by everyone". There was a pause, the chief monk smiled. He said, "You are the President of India. You will know all about us and the whole nation.” Again, he said, "it is very important for me, please give me your thoughtful analysis".

There was a beautiful golden image of Lord Buddha radiating smile and peace. The Chief Monk assembled nearly 100 young and experienced monks. The Chief Monk and himself were sitting amidst them. The Chief Monk gave a short discourse, which he would like to share with you. Chief Monk said, "In the present world, we have a problem of distrust, unhappiness transforming into violence. This monastery spreads: when you remove “I” and “Me” from your mind, you will eliminate ego; if you get rid of ego, hatred towards fellow human beings will vanish; if the hatred goes out of our mind, the violence in thinking and action will disappear; if violence in our mind is taken away, peace springs in human minds. Then peace and peace and peace alone will blossom in the society". he realized the meaning of beautiful equation for peaceful life, but difficult mission for the individual is how to remove the ethos of “I” and “ME”. For this, we need the education inculcated in the young age as propagated by ancient philosophers.

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