Friday, December 12, 2008


School is the next important environment where the character is getting shaped. The prime learning period for the children is five to seventeen years of age. The student spends approximately 25,000 hours in the school campus. Of course, at home, love and affection are imparted but again most of the time of the day is spent in preparing school’s homework and study, eat, play and sleep. Hence the school hours for children are the best time for learning and need best of environment, mission oriented learning with value system. I still hear the echo from Bestolozzy, a Greek teacher’s saying, “give me a child for seven years. Afterwards, let the God or devil take the child. They cannot change the child.” That is the great confidence of the teacher. What a golden mission for the teachers of great character and value system in the schools of all the nations to inculcate value system among the youth.

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