Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Political system of a democratic nation gives vision for the nation, focuses on the national development and executes various missions of federal government through the supervision of the Parliament. Similarly, at the State level, political vision drives accomplishment of missions under the supervision of the legislature. Now this process is extended to the individual districts and constituencies. Still, over the years, the political system does not enjoy the full confidence of the public. Why? How to give respect for the politics? Political system is equal to Political politics and development politics. Higher the developmental politics, it will get higher respect among the citizens. Today, what is needed for every constituency is the development politics; this will facilitate the reduction in the number of people living below poverty line; promoting literacy and transforming the employment seekers and under employed people to higher ladder of employment potential and employment generators. Fortunately I find the results of elections tending towards selection of candidates based on their performance in the development of their region. Hence the political environment has to nurture development politics throughout the nation.

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